Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello World

Well, this is it. I have decided to make a blog. It will just be whatever is on my mind, kind of like a diary except open to the world. Quite the opposite of a diary now that I think about it. My therapist suggested this to me ;) It is better then killing people I suppose. Just playing. Today was a rather simple day of college, as usual. I overslept my only class (tough life), then studied for a while because I felt like a piece of crap about it. Yay digital circuits! Had some delicious dinner from my fraternity chef, was serenaded by my roommate who is quite good at acoustic guitar. I am so jealous, he knows how to get the ladies with that thing. Got an exam tomorrow that I am completely unprepared for, as usual. Luckily I am sure most of you can relate. People bugging me to go out to the bars when I should be studying, like usual haha. They know how to get me to make poor life choices. Oh well, what is a poor college kid supposed to do? Anyways, I can hear the real world calling, and I should get back to it. Thanks for reading, and please subscribe/follow if you are at all interested in what I have to say. I will defiantly return the favor.-Off to better time



  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I can relate so much to being a engineer student. CANT WAIT TO CONTINUE reading. Cant wait. Bart Scott jpg.

  2. Alright, let's see what you got.

  3. Ah! I didn't know frats had chefs too. We have one in our sorority house, but on this campus most fraternities are just gross and dirty ahah.